What We Do?

Why Should You Choose Us

We allow you to manage your time better. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the extra time doing things that make you happy.


Stay safe in the comfort of your home or office and never worry about questionable gas stations again.


We provide top quality gas to ensure peak performance and the best fuel mileage from your vehicle.


About Us

We have based our company model around streamlining a routine task. Life is busy. Work schedules are tight. Let us help you to help yourself. Free up some of your personal time. Make your business run more smoothly. From personal vehicles to fleets; big or small, we fill them all.

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Gas 2 You App Now!

Gas 2 You's mobile app offers individuals and businesses a way to schedule fuel delivery in the central Louisiana area.


Gas 2 You is simple. Download our app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Once you create an account, you can schedule a fill up. We charge a $6 service fee along with the cost of the gas. We also have a monthly and yearly membership option that will help you save on service fees.
As of now, we offer 87 and 93 octane ethanol blended gas. We will be offering diesel and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) in the near future.
Our gas is priced in order to be competitive with local, top tier gas stations. We are constantly working with distributors in order to provide our customers with the best price available.
Sure. You simply pop your gas door before leaving your car. Once we're done, we'll close it.
Currently, we offer tire pressure checks and windshield washer fluid refills. When adding a windshield washer fluid refill to your order, you'll leave your hood popped just like you do the gas cap.
By becoming a member, you save on service fees and receive complimentary tire pressure checks with each fill up. Our members benefit by being able to enjoy services on two separate vehicles, up to eight times per month. Need more than eight fill ups per month? No problem, you'll just incur a small service charge each time, after your initial eight.
Our services are currently offered in the Alexandria and Pineville, LA areas. With time, we will grow and expand our coverage. If you are outside of our covered area, and would like to be included, please feel free to contact us.